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Ivy P.
​Garden Grove, CA


I came here for a cleaning yesterday. I was referred by a neighbor who also had his cleaning here for only $40. The doctor and his assistant was so friendly & funny. The whole experience was awesome, so I told myself that I would go home and yelp them. Ok, straight to the point, what I expect at a dentist office are good customer service (no long wait), professional doctors and assistants ( provide good treatment and do not push me for more unnecessary services like a car dealer salesman). And... that's about it. Fortunately, Just Dental met my expectations! :) Dr. Do did a great job on my cleaning. It was hurt just a little tiny bit, because he was trying to do it thoroughly. As the result, all the plaque on the back of my teeth were completely gone.  The last time I had a cleaning was in September 2013 at a different dental office 2 blocks away from Just Dental. I wasn't really happy with the result, because I noticed the plaque was still there after the cleaning?!! ( At that time, I thought... maybe they couldn't remove everything since it was just a regular cleaning?! not a deep cleaning when they have to numb me up) Anyway, now, this is a regular cleaning too, but all the bad stuff was GONE completely!!! He also checked on my old filling because that teeth hurts when I eat. He said he tried to make the filling flatter/thinner so that it would not be too high and bother me. He told me to come back in 1-2 weeks for check up. If I'm still sensitive about it, he will have to remove that filling layer and re-do it. Personally, I think the doctor himself is very honest, and funny (he has a good sense of humor) . I felt very comfortable being here. To me, I like it when healthcare professionals can treat their patients in both professional & friendly manner. People will think I'm crazy if I tell them that I went to a dentist office, and laughed a lot LOL. Anyway, I will definitely come back for my next cleaning, and I will absolutely recommend Dr. Do's office to all my friends who need dental care. Thanks Just Dental! 


Alejandra Q.
Anaheim, CA

I'm normally terrified of going to the dentist but I must say my visit at Just Dental has been one of the best experiences I've had at a dental office. My past experiences with my previous dentist were always so painful. Dr. Do was super gentle but did an awesome job. He took his time and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed during the process. My teeth haven't felt this clean in a while! I would definitely recommend this office. 
Eva L.
Atlanta, GA


I am not connected to the company in any form. I did not get a freebie or kickback. I am simply an impressed client. Called several weeks in advance to schedule an appointment for two kids, one of whom is a preschooler and his first time ever at a dentist. MS. IVY up front was super accommodating and flexible with the scheduling. Answered questions regarding MEDICAID which my kids have and which, YES, they take. Day of appointment, came in 1/2 hour early and Ms. Ivy prettily welcomed us, set the kids up with appropriate entertainment, and then got us checked in. Paperwork done (you know by now I'm on top of things), Ms. Ivy swiftly escorted us back to meet with Dr. Do, who has his assistant ready chairside (in case....?). My boy went first, later my girl. DOCTOR: Perfect Vietnamese and English. Very professional. Asked appropriate questions, took time to explain. GENTLE. Did I mention professional? He was done with each kid in less than 15 minutes. *of course it helped that their teeth were in decent shape. Neither of them got scared or cried, assistant was not needed after all haha!  - impressive. He handled each child appropriate to their level of development. BTW Dr. Do is a down-to-earth guy. While filling out the paperwork, some guy came in selling him groceries and he chatted with the guy like somebody's neighbor. I think they knew each other but, anyway, SUPER COOL! Finally, after the exam, rather than scurrying off to wherever it is doctors go after exams, Dr. Do actually came out and chatted with me regarding the kids' exam results!!! I think he'd worked in Customer Service before becoming a dentist ;) All in all, we were in and out in less than 1 hour for 2 kids. Uh huh, word. Now you know why I gave them 5 stars. Don't know why there haven't been more reviews but I definitely will be coming back. Hope they keep up the good work despite increased business, as I'm most certain their business will be experiencing soon. :))
V V.
Riverside, CA


I do have time browsing on Yelp to get information when I need, but for spending time to write up something on this.. Nahhhh, Neverrr..because it is such a wasted of time . However, never say NEVER; That thought had changed after I came to Just Dental. Although this Dental office has been recognized and received outstanding reviews from patients before, but still.... I still would love to introduce this beloved Dentist to the whole world, especially to whom ever indeed...needy...dental treatments with excellent care but stresssss freeee when it comes to the cost :)))". To me, I'm always more believe in doing than saying because ......I'm not a dreamer. "Everything happened for a reason..."as has been said by so many...If my dental treatment has been gone well with previous Dentist, then.....I would never had a chance to meet Dr. Do.  I'm so thankful to God for guiding me to this wonderful  Dentist.  He's smart and successes  but don't have cockiness attitude; very humble, hard-working, and down to earth.  People who have this kind of personalities are very honest and have good hearts.  If you love living a healthy, ordinary and simple life, you will like Dr. Duc Do to be your Dentist when you meet him. P.s: his looks in real life  are thousand times more FRIENDLIER  than in the picture:)))). 
Dust I.
​Riverside, CA



Like I said I don't have time for spending on Yelp to write up something nice. However I did because of the outstanding treatment care of Dr. Duc Do to all patients regardless. I posted my review on 7/23/2014. However, Yelp took it down just recently with the accused that I sent numerous  mails to others to advertise this wonderful Place. As a poor patients, with God helping, I have found this awesome Dental Office where it's has Best Dentist in town to cure for the pain of my teeth. I know out there, lots of patients suffered the same painful that I did, but don't know where to look or go to for the best treatment with stressss freeee about the cost; I thought I help others by letting them know, but I didn't know this caused my post took down. I am a patient and this is a very first time I have ever step my foot into this office and I lucky to know this through you, Yelp (logically) ; but spiritually cannot be without God guiding. I only want to do a little, very little goodness to others while still alive in this world. Please look into your heart, not your Business mind...and let everyone in this world believe there is still  Hope--Worth to living for by retrieved my post back on again please...because this Oustanding Dental Office deserve best acknowledgement from patients who know how to appreciate the talents and hard works of the Dentist that spend tremendous time in order to provide the best of the best treatment care for patients In Professional definition; and particularly between human to human in spiritual way. 
Anthony M.
​Alhambra, CA

Not so sure about 5 stars rating from Yelp for this dental office. But I still gave it a shot because of my tooth ache. I'm very much happy. Very please with the outcome. Overall, thank you very much Dr Do and the staff for their sincere and for providing me the best treatment that way above of my expectation. Thank you again and will come back with my Grandma probably next two months.
Stephen R.
​Orange, CA

It's seldom that one sees so many positive reviews, but I agree with these people 100%.  All of the staff are professional, courteous and genuinely concerned about the patient's well being. So often doctors and dentists are less than communicative and seemingly unable to conceal their condescension. Doctor Do is the opposite of that.  He does a more thorough job of explaining than any physician I've seen.  You leave with the sense that he and his staff are on your side.  It's kind of unusual, really. I would not hesitate to recommend Just Dental to friends or relatives.  Two thumbs up, to say the least. 
Amy L.
Santa Ana, CA


Wonderful office with friendly staff and a very gentle Dr. TonNgoc! I am the type who ONLY goes to the dentist when she needs to: when teeth hurt. Otherwise, I stay away from the dentist due to the pain associated with each procedure. However, I am certainly coming back to this office in 6 months for my follow-up. I scheduled an appointment for a Friday after reading some Yelp reviews, came in at my scheduled time, and was promptly greeted by Judy, the front desk assistant. She even remembered my call! She made me feel extremely comfortable. I filled out the forms and went in to get my X-Rays by the dental assistant (sorry I was not able to catch her name). Dr. TonNgoc came a few minutes after and we chatted a bit before she cleaned my teeth. Usually, the teeth cleaning process is painful because I have sensitive teeth, but she was very meticulous, considerate, and gentle. She told me if I experience any pain or sensitivity, to raise my left hand. I only raised it once, which is amazing to me because I am always wincing in pain. After she finished cleaning my teeth, she checked my teeth for any surface cavities. Subsequently, she went to read the x-rays to see if I had any cavities between my teeth, which I have never had a dentist tell me before. I was concerned about my wisdom teeth, which weren't bothering me as much but occassionally I would experience slight pain for about 5 minutes. Dr. TonNgoc checked and told me that they were still in the process of growing, so removal was not recommended. She told me that removing the teeth too early in their growth would be more difficult and painful. After everything, the dental assistant polished my teeth to make them nice and smooth. The entire trip took less than an hour, which is amazing. Thank you Just Dental for the great experience, and I am certainly coming back for my next visit! 

I love Just Dental because everyone who works there! Before dental check ups use to absolutely scared me, but since Dr. Do and the staff there are so friendly and homey, I always feel so relaxed every time I visit that it never seems like I am "going to the doctors." Dr. Duc Do is very accommodating and makes sure the patients is taken care of with the utmost respect. He truly cares for all his patients and thus does a very thorough job with each patient . Other dentists take too long doing simple things such as bi-annual teeth cleaning but Dr. Do is quick and efficient, well-knowing that it is straining to keep the jaw open for extended periods of time. There is no other dentistry in the Orange County you should go to than Just Dental! 

I have been going to dentists here in the States for the last 33 years and I have not met a dentist as good and humane, professional too like Dr. Do. I was referred to him after my retirement 5 years ago. He works fast and knows how to make complicated procedure as simple and painless as possible. While doing the procedure, he explains what hind of treatment being done and why it is needed to be done. He explains the total cost before doing it. One thing I really admire is his honesty, he saved me a lot of teeth with cap or with porcelain crown by treating them without  necessarily changing the crown itself. Normally, other dentists make decision tailored to dental policies PPO insurance at that time. He refers you to specialist or endodontist if the procedure is outside of his scope of dentistry. I say Dr. Do is also a humane dentist because of his care to patients in inner cities and East LA. He holds clinic at South Gate and extends charity work or at least a minimal generous dental fees to the needy and indigent patients. Lastly, he is well qualified, a product of a reputable school, University of San Francisco School of Dentistry. 

My family and I have been going to Dr. Do ever since our old dentist retired over 10 years ago. I am so glad Dr. Do took over because like most people going to a dentist is a scary thought but he manages to make it painless and fun. People think I am crazy when I tell them I love going to my dentist. Dr. Do makes going to the dentist fun and I always look forward to getting my teeth clean from him every 6 months to a year. His staff is also so friendly and makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend him to everyone.