Just Dental

Just Smile with Just Dental 

My family and I have been going to Dr. Do ever since our old dentist retired over 10 years ago. I am so glad Dr. Do took over because like most people going to a dentist is a scary thought but he manages to make it painless and fun. People think I am crazy when I tell them I love going to my dentist. Dr. Do makes going to the dentist fun and I always look forward to getting my teeth clean from him every 6 months to a year. His staff is also so friendly and makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend him to everyone. 

I have been going to dentists here in the States for the last 33 years and I have not met a dentist as good and humane, professional too like Dr. Do. I was referred to him after my retirement 5 years ago. He works fast and knows how to make complicated procedure as simple and painless as possible. While doing the procedure, he explains what hind of treatment being done and why it is needed to be done. He explains the total cost before doing it. One thing I really admire is his honesty, he saved me a lot of teeth with cap or with porcelain crown by treating them without  necessarily changing the crown itself. Normally, other dentists make decision tailored to dental policies PPO insurance at that time. He refers you to specialist or endodontist if the procedure is outside of his scope of dentistry. I say Dr. Do is also a humane dentist because of his care to patients in inner cities and East LA. He holds clinic at South Gate and extends charity work or at least a minimal generous dental fees to the needy and indigent patients. Lastly, he is well qualified, a product of a reputable school, University of San Francisco School of Dentistry. 

I love Just Dental because everyone who works there! Before dental check ups use to absolutely scared me, but since Dr. Do and the staff there are so friendly and homey, I always feel so relaxed every time I visit that it never seems like I am "going to the doctors." Dr. Duc Do is very accommodating and makes sure the patients is taken care of with the utmost respect. He truly cares for all his patients and thus does a very thorough job with each patient . Other dentists take too long doing simple things such as bi-annual teeth cleaning but Dr. Do is quick and efficient, well-knowing that it is straining to keep the jaw open for extended periods of time. There is no other dentistry in the Orange County you should go to than Just Dental!